Friday, May 9, 2008

Cryptic still.

Cryptic is
always, daily, in all the most unexpected moments,
attacking my connection to the divine and doing so
suddenly, harshly and violently; and so I find myself
deepening enormously my commitment to the Light,
my trust in the above, my faith in what I know
and my connection to the divine.

As a gift,
a nasty one, an ugly one, an uninvited one, an unwanted one,
the whole stretched out experience makes me dissolve
whatever inner veils of doubt I might have had
and whatever I might still have
(since the cryptic is still there).

In the story of life, I am forced to accept God as the ultimate
grace in my life, the ultimate ruler of my life,
the maker of my life, the guide;
forced to surrender to it.

When my faith and surrender are complete,
cryptic will be gone.