Friday, May 9, 2008


Yesterday, a light so massive.

I feel enormous amounts of light descending a lot. I feel it every day really, over the many months (years?) past. Yesterday it was really so massive, again.

All of a sudden I imagined not the light descending down over us all, but rather us, with physical bodies and all, ascending, up, up, up, and bringing with us not only our bodies but the whole dimension.

I feel many aspects of the Earth plane ascending with us as we go into light and higher dimensions. It feels as if all places, all areas of our material realm, will not go with it, the ascension, to the higher but just some areas of life and Earth plane that are prepared.

I wonder if we will wake up one day and drive down the road and find that our surroundings no longer look the same, our neighborhoods will be linked through space with new areas since not all regions are coming along into the new, and all will be different. That'll be the day, huh?