Monday, January 12, 2015

Alchemical transformation continues.

Falling inwards really intensely. Dropping ego structures majorly. Feels like I am dissolving. Wishes and directive thoughts to be found less. The God - Union moving further into destroying / dismantling deeper and more expansively, erasing humanness. 

"Me" is being removed further and with that things the personality does; like want, direct, ask, focus, require, imagine, create. Even socialize. Feels awesome and confusing. 

I feel that I can no longer try to be human, try to fit in, try to make sense, try to behave so that I will be understood. It's falling away now.

I can no longer socialize on society's terms. Though I have developed social skills and communication skills, I can no longer perform those arts. Can only be nakedly real. Silent or honest and direct. No more frills. I can no longer hold up the appearances of suitable, agreeable and graceful. It will be Raw or Nothing at all. Silence or Truth.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Egoless in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I am currently spending time in airy and cool Flagstaff, Arizona, and working on transforming a healing center into a healing practice. The practitioners / teachers at the former center Vertical Shift Healing are going separate ways, continuing each their journeys and developing spiritually and in their craft. It is an honor for me to be sent here by Spirit / God to be the spiritual midwife for this transitional change period for so many.

It is exciting to see things develop and fall into place with perfect precision and grace. Something must be behind all of this, certainly not ego. Living outside of ego is a wonderful experience, allowing grace and flow and the natural order of things to manifest without trying to control it or get in the the way. It is rewarding beyond description and a feeling and experience of freedom on a very worldly level.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Archangel Michael and Saint Gabriel.

In a recent mediumship session with a friend/client both archangel Michael and Saint Gabriel showed up and offered guidance. First archangel Michael, who was very clear, strict and stern about his views that day about the topic in question. His guidance was understood as very inflexible by the client (and myself) and we learned about how angels work, operate and serve. They serve unquestioningly and immediately always. Then (he wants to be called) Saint Gabriel showed up and I could feel what he has said, that even though he is thought of as an archangel, he really is more of a saint, in the saint group. His guidance offered on the same topics were gentle, compassionate and very flexible in how, flexible on the time line and all over kind and non intrusive. I learned that day that the reason guidance comes in differently at different times, it is because it depends on who you talk to up there. They all have different opinions, purposes and agendas just as we all do down here. : )

Archangel Saint Gabriel and the Golden Ones.

About a year and a half ago I had a bad mountain bike accident right in town, right in the middle of traffic. I fell really hard and had the breath knocked out of me completely. I needed help to get up and couldn't see anything but white light. Everything was White Light, the sky, the mountains, the road, buildings and cars. Everything was just white. I could make out all the people that gathered around because, even though they appeared as ovals of white light, these ovals were surrounded by about an inch of a golden aura. So in the ocean of white light there were these ovals of golden auras floating about.

There is much more to this story, but I will try to keep it short. I regained my normal sight after about 15 minutes (after I said "no!" three times, refusing the invitation to go home with the angels, it seems). I refused to go to the hospital but allowed the friendly police woman to drive me home, which she insisted on. I cracked three ribs (oh, that's painful) which I didn't feel until the following morning.

Immediately after the accident I could feel that my regular spirit guides were not present with me. So I asked; "who's there?" and the answer came; "We are the Golden Ones." I didn't know them, nor had I ever heard of them and I was just really annoyed because I had just come into a good working relationship with my, up until then, peeps; Mother Mary and archangel Michael. I refused to start over with new guides and didn't want to have to learn about these new ones working style, communication style and so on. I asked for Michael and Mother Mary back. And I got them back after a few weeks.

During this past year archangel Gabriel has introduced himself to me more and more as a spirit guide that is in charge of building up my earthly life. He wants me to call him Saint Gabriel. I was at first kind of intimidated by his presence and felt overwhelmed, he was SO bright. As time went on and he continued to show himself as a part of my team, I have come to accept that he is there.

During a meduimship session I was doing for a client/friend just the other day, archangel Garbiel came in and showed himself closely surrounded by a group of his helpers, and they were all of them glowing a golden light. And I realized that these were the Golden Ones, headed by archangel Saint Gabriel !!! I have incorporated them now more acceptingly into my life and also my work with people in mediumship sessions. Now finally the Golden Ones make sense to me. : )

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The mysteries of Awakening.

An amazing journey it is. For sure. And never ending, it seems. And so I hear. I see now that there are three parts to the awakening process.

First the transformation of CONSCIOUSNESS, awareness of things seen and unseen. Self - Realization, the knowledge of Advaita Vedanta, the different levels of samadhi; savikalpa samadi, nirvikalpa samadhi and sahaja samadhi. Ever deepening and ending up in permanent Oneness consciousness.

Then there is the lengthy ENERGETIC TRANSFORMATION of ones being. The changes, purification and transformation, of the mental body, emotional body, physical body, life and life style from having caught a glimpse into the Real. The massive energetic transformation from the Kundalini awakening, transforming ones body, mind and life completely.

So, I thought that was it. No more. But it turns out that there is more. The next step after the total change in consciousness and total change in energy make - up, is a change in personality, humanity, in ones presence here and in ones representation of ones person and being in life on the planet. There is now a total change in being here, from PERSONALITY to DIVINITY. And this part of the awakenign process is ever stranger than all the rest. It focuses on and surrounds the central core of Truth. Truth and honesty forces one to always speak and express ones inner truth, an inner urging of what must be offered to the world is always there. The divine inner urging becomes ones only guiding force and ones only way of being. It takes care of every area of ones life, as it is heard, listened to and obeyed completely. There comes a need to represent this inner truth in all ways and at all times, unconditionally and unwaiveringly. The God Force, the Presence of Truth, Divinity and Reality becomes ones personality as well. It is very bizarre and can be very confusing at first. But after all this awakening and transformation, ones person becomes an absolute instrument and vehicle of Divine Reality as Truth unwaiveringly. An empty instrument for God's will.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love and tenderness.

In the highest possible spiritual sense,
it is not about who and what you are, it is about
what you can do for other people. They are not free
from their suffering, and they need to be. They need help
with their pain, purification and energetic transformation.

Love, tenderness and radiance become our job.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ramana transmission.

See this documentary video on Sri Ramana Maharshi;

Ramana Maharshi; Sage of Arunachala.