Saturday, August 11, 2007

The spirit of the land.

Land, places, are like people - they have soul and spirit. Places too have spirit guides and guardians. Places have spirit protectors that make sure that the purpose and destiny of the land is maintained.

I am on some land right now that have a strong spirit and a strong, powerful purpose. I see the nature spirits and the devics protecting and working here. I feel the ancestors walk the land, making sure that we who live and visit here do what is in the best interest of the greater whole. Sure there are personal wills and creative thoughts that are flying around in the air over this place, but all the time the order of things is always restored and maintained upon this precious land by the beings who serve here. That which is to be is brought back to it's natural balance. This place has powerful protection and guardianship and I feel blessed to be here and observe this.