Thursday, August 9, 2007

8/8. The dolphins, Quan Yin and Mother Mary.

Since the beginning of this year, February and March, I have been feeling a steady and powerful radiance of the energy of intense Love and Light enter our realm here on Earth, growing stronger and stronger. Since the 7/7/7 I have felt a great unification and Oneness spreading, a harmonizing and balancing, noticed by me especially among the light workers I see here. The number 7 has come up several times for me lately and was suggested as the right vibration for me and my life and doings. So I chose the number 7 for many things. And so it seems many other light workers here had seen and felt the same about the 7.

I was asked by friends to join a small group meeting on the 8/8 to meditate and link up with other places where people were also meditating the same evening, so I did. On the 8/8 evening, I came together in a group of seven light workers to meditatate and connect with others and had some incredible experiences.

The evening started with a man channeling the presence and words of about a hundred or more dolphins. He wasn't going to but couldn't hold them back so after a moment of hesitating he let them through and I haven't seen anything like it. They were laughing and thrilled to be with us, laughing and thrilling and laughing some more, thrilled. Their presence was so strong and we all felt them. I felt them doing something to my body from the moment they swam in through the window behind the channeler and flooded the room. I felt as if they were inside my every cell and working on every cell, tweaking, energizing, activating and initiating every molecule for some new adventure. I asked them what they were doing to me and they wouldn't really tell. The channeling and presence of the dolphins continued for about an hour and I felt the dolphins the following day all over the place I am currently living at, swimming and dancing all over the land, helping and preparing the new.

Then after a short break an opening presented itself through the etheric Stargate that appeared in the room, brought both by a lady participant and myself, both of us trained Stargate facilitators. The men retreated and the women remained and through the Stargate a lot of energy flooded the room and it was all about how much each of us were prepared to receive. We sat in silence for about an hour and received deeply into our beings the energy of the next level for so many. The energy presented the next level of all of our work and is going to bring a big, new chapter into all of our lives. I was told that the energy of the 8 is about bringing the energy of the 7's out into the world now on our terms and be a force of manifesting the real of our lives, work and purpose into the mainstream society and the world. The Stargate remained in place all night and kept pouring in the energy we need to continue and move forward.

While we were absorbed in this energy experience two of the men were down by the water of the sacred pond and were toning to attract the nature spirits and then took some extraordinary pictures into the dark of the night (No street lights around here in this deep country to light up the night, so it would be real black if it weren't for the stars that hang so low in Arizona.), capturing orbs of light and other things in their photography. (This will be posted soon.) The other man, owner of the property, was lying down in a separate room and going out of body, as the dolphins swam around him, and was holding the energy for the evening in a huge way.

As I was sitting in silence with my sisters I was visited by an old friend called Alcazar, who moved into my form and then out again and then came back into my form for a moment just to say hello to me and he did what he always did; laughed silently to himself at the peoples worries, thinking "you all know better than this..." Then I felt Quan Yin begin to move into my form and she immediately just shoehorned Mother Mary into my form and being. I have had difficulty understanding Mother Mary and what she wants with me and I can never hear her words, but through the ease I feel with Quan Yin I now connected really well with Mother Mary. She then begins to tell me that the period during which I worked with people is over and done with, that my service is no longer to be with people but instead my service is now to the planet through the world of the plants and the beings who govern them; that I am a part of a small group of light workers who will be in sacred places here and there across the planet and that I will assist the sacred energy of this places and other places that I will visit to grow and spread like rings on the water across the planet until the whole Earth is one sacred place, like it used to be long ago. This thrills me because I like nothing better than to work in the garden, to be at peace and tend to the flowers, bushes and trees, all the plantings. I feel deeply blessed, loved and cared for. I am home, just like I prayed for.