Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wandering witch.

Why I wander I wonder . . .

My whole life I wanted to travel, feverishly. Until I came to Hawaii. But still my spirit forces me onward to some destination, and I am taking in the view. Each place has its own flavor and vibration and something for me to do there, energy work wise, and something to receive, and then I move on, to some other place where there is work for me to do. I want to set up a house somewhere that I can return to and where I can place all the things one collects upon such a journey.

From Uppsala
to Svenstavik (and Ostberg - Finland - Creete/Greece)
to Hoverberg
to Haparanda (Crete, Pefkohori/Greece - traveling lots over Sweden and tons to Finland)
to Boras (Trandared, Ostermalm).


Sweden (Boras)
to Minneapolis (Golden Valley, Plymouth, Golden Valley through New York, Wisconsin, Michigan)
to Sweden
to Begium (Bruxelles, Charleroi, Gosselies, Couvain, Rotterdam)
to Sweden
to Finland
to Sweden
to Belgium
to Sweden, Boras ( Munich/Germany - Paris, Nice, Antibes/France - Formia, Rimini/Italy - Lahti, Helsinki, Kuusamo/Finland)
to Gothenburg
to Skane
to Tillburg, Holland
to Belguim (other than above, Flemish side)
to Amsterdam
to Aachen/Holland

to Tenerife, Gomera/Canary Islands, Spain
to Lanzarote
to Glastonbury/England
to Gomera
to Hamburg/Germany
to Stockholm/ Sweden
to Hamburg
to Denmark
to Hamburg
to some place on the German coast
to Hamburg
to Hawaii (Maui, Big Island, Kauai, Oahu, Maui)
to Los Angeles - West Hollywood, Harbor City, Torrence, Hollywood, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Culver City, Venice, Santa Monica, Mar Vista, Century City, Fairfax, Silver Lake, Korea Town, Altadena, Sierra Madre (San Fransisco, Palm Springs, Sierras, Mount Shasta, New Orleans)
to Santa Barbara
to Los Angeles, Covina

And now to Sedona for a while
and then God knows where
and then to Portland, Camden/Maine
and then to Sweden
and then probably to London/England, Greece or south of France.

(Places within parenthesis I visited at different times and some places more than once.)