Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Always energy.

Energy is always, always, always moving though me and my being. Born to be a healer, designed to be a healer and trained (over millennia) to be a healer and always functioning as a healer, I find myself always, always running energy though my being. It takes place all the time; when I write, when I am still, when I am walking, when I am in nature, when I do dishes, when I am cleaning, when I am creating, when I am talking to someone, when I am thinking, obviously when I am doing my work, when I am meditating and when I sleep.

The intense experiences of massive transformation and infinite opening that I have had now for the past six years have of course intensified the experience of always running energy. I can feel that all I need to do now is simply to hold someone in my thoughts and they are in my field and as I hold them in my field of energy and thought I can see their changes, growth, healing, transformation and the betterment of their lives. So I continue to be a healer, continue to function as I was designed.