Monday, June 4, 2007

A week in Sedona.

So, I have been in Sedona now for a week and am beginning to be able to move around. The first few days I was simply knocked out and physically so tired I could barely walk around the house. The mountains here are very powerful and relentless. I am adjusting very well. Frequencies are way up. And everybody are smiling welcomingly.

It seems like home, but every place I come to feels perfectly like home - L.A., Santa Barbara, New Orleans. I have been looking for a home, a place to settle down, a my kind of community. I don't think I'll be allowed ever to settle down. But I'll be here until I don't need to be here any more. I am beginning to realize all the world is my home, my living room, my very back yard. And of course, all the people my sisters and brothers. I used to think home was one place and a certain group of people. Consciousness has changed and it is now all One and the same. Funny to feel so totally at home in every place.

Sedona is a very unusual place, a watering hole for the new age, like Maui - Hawai'i, Mount Shasta - California, Ashville - North Carolina, Glastonbury - England and other places. What other places are there that feeds the New ??? I have a feeling I really don't want to be in the world outside of these kinds of spiritual oasises. In the desert of the world I die and I think we all do. Way challenging. Have we come to a time where we are allowed to live in the love vibe of our own communities ?? I sure hope so.