Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I am dazed. I go in and out of deep trance, every day all day long and all night long, mostly in for several hours. When I come out I am quite dazed then I fall right back into it. It goes on constantly. It has been going on for years now, since spring of 2001. Over the years I would have periods where I would fall into deep trance, in and out for several weeks and then nothing for several weeks. Sometimes I can't even stay awake, I fall completely unconscious, my consciousness leaves the body, it seems. Lately, since Mother Meera, it's been very intense and consistent. Whether I am awake or unconscious in my trances I don't feel anything much, I don't witness anything or sense anything. I know I go into the Big Light completely and I think my body and senses aren't equipped to perceive it.

I feel as if nano electroids have come into my blood and are rushing through my veins. I used to know that when I left the body I would go out and do energy work or spiritual assistance around the globe at different places. Now I feel as if I as the whole of the Mother is stretching out and embracing everything, the whole of creation. I have recently, over the past three years, done a lot of grid work in the ethers, globally and Universally and now I feel as if something about me, consciousness ?, is flowing out through the grids in every direction and filling all grids up with new energy and Light, supreme consciousness, "the Mother" throughout all creation.

"Mother" goes way beyond light and love, even divine love.