Thursday, March 13, 2008

Go all the way with change.

I was never interested in the connection to the Infinite, Self - Realization, when it happened to me. It seemed like nothing to me that experience. Nothing changed, there was no difference, I felt nothing, all was the same as before. (I used to wonder; Is this it?)

I was always much more interested in the transformation overhaul I experienced as a human being after the glimpse into Reality. That was interesting to me and the eventual finding of bliss, sweetness, beauty and freedom from suffering that come from it all.

It doesn't go away, the story of the dream and being fully human, but as the change transpires from the Light that pours in from Reality through the crack in mind and the kundalini rising (or one or the other or both), being human becomes so much easier and turns into a really wonderfully sweet experience. (Isn't happiness what most strive for? That's what I hear.)

Even though they say; that's just an experience; it is really all we have as humans, experiences. We suffer when they are displeasing to our flow and nature and we enjoy it when they are pleasing, when they fill our story and flow with what we like and what agree with our beings. (I know, most people are driven by their wills and are never satisfied.)

To take Realization all the way one must see it all the way back into the story, even the transformation of the dream, ones life, and the personality. These things change fundamentally and wholly and begin to express on a higher vibration. One really jumps forward, takes a quantum leap, in personal evolution.

And it starts with a glimpse into Reality, the connection into the Infinite.