Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am having so much information come in, so many images and such downloading taking place there is just so much I can do to keep up with taking notes, especially at night. Why at night, eh? Why's it coming in at night?

I will be posting it on my blogs as I can manage time wise. I am seeing tremendous new come in to my life here very soon, or has it already started? Definitely in the building phase so far but it has clearly started.

I was told in 2002 that I would join forces with someone and we would do some work together (met in 2004) and then we would travel to many sacred sites / power spots together, to further activate their ancient vibration. Well, the Sedona area is magnificent, the desert outside of Sedona, the amazing and pure waters underground that bubble up above ground in some places. We sit and watch and feel these sacred energies of this water from deep under ground here deep in the desert and it does something to us, all the people who come here. That's much of what we are doing here, being. (Well, working, sure, but also being in a big way.)

From the fall of 2004 until the summer of 2006 I was in Santa Barbara where I felt the giant crystals in the ground and hillsides become massively activated. When that was done I left, cathartically. Now I am about to leave Sedona soon to go to different areas in Colorado, to do, God knows what.