Friday, January 11, 2008

Why isolated in the desert?

I am currently in a phase where I don't know what is real (within creation). I sit outside at night and it seems as if I breath in the stars and then exhale them back out onto the night sky canvas. Even though I see with my eyes that the trees stand still I know they sway and bend in my mind. Even though I am currently isolated out in the country side of the deep desert of Arizona, I feel the loving presence of hundreds of thousands all around me as if they're here tomorrow. All space has become here and all time has looped in on now. It's bizarre and it's like this all the time and different all the time. The story of Harmony and around Harmony always changes into the more and more metaphysical as the the Absolute, the permanent, permeate the manifest through my mind. Well, how can you talk about it? It just loops in and out of craziness and what am I supposed to do with this, eh? Yet, I remain centered, patient, still, quiet; observant in this ever continuing change of awareness.

Out here in nothingness I learn about my future, my role in the world "work wise", how it works and why it is so, why I am different, where it is built in the grids of creation. Stunning process in the story of Harmony.