Saturday, November 3, 2007

Creator or creator.

Well, I have thought on this for a long time. I'm beginning to see it like this; I do sort of see that I can't want anything, wanting gets in the way of my attention on the unfolding of the Great Plan. Sure, I can want and I can create and I can get it, but if my wishes aren't perfectly in alignment with the Plan I will feel restless, impatient and unfulfilled and I will change my mind on what I have and then it will dismantle itself organically and then I have to start all over, wanting, creating, having, unfulfilled . . . figuring out what else I want or what I should be doing is just endlessly futile. Just as well I don't wish and want, don't decide, don't make up my mind (limited), create and hold on to. There is an unfolding of my life anyway, a plan for my life and I can observe it and it is truly interesting. While I try hard to figure it out and make decisions and find what I think I should have, something just extraordinary is taking place in my life by itself. If I just pay attention I can even see what it is and I can see what it is about and what it means and what it is for and what it will lead to and I can see a glorious purpose behind this movement, a fulfilling of something grand. So, I let go and let God.