Friday, October 12, 2007

In the microcosm.

Darkness lived upon the land, in the beautiful garden of Eden. All who came there felt it and were disturbed by it. For a very long time darkness ruled.

Divine Mother even, who was in charge of everything on the beautiful land, was, to some degree, owned by this shadow, this dark. Shadow controlled and manipulated even the manifestation of pure divine; controlled and manipulated through fear and beliefs, threats and so on. Darkness wanted to take over the world, wanted to rule the land and was, to some degree, during those old times. Darkness tried to take over Paradise.

Then one day, unexpectedly, Light walked upon the land, more than ever before, a double light walked on the land, moved again through the garden. The mere presence of this Light, of too much Light, of a double Light, infused light into the men and women and raised the level of light in the men and women living in the land, in the garden. The presence of the Light made light grow and grow and expand. Fear was lifted. Limitations were removed. A restoration of divine bliss was underway in a big way and completely.

Darkness was startled, darkness shrieked and protested. Dark was overruled by joy and possibilities, growth and freedom. Darkness became very, very upset and struck out in the night, in the dark, to create more fear, to threaten and control, to build its own power, to regain its position as full ruler over the land. Darkness fought hard to regain its grip by attempting to generate and build back up its fear base, being the fuel that supports its realm and its power base. Immediately dark was laughed at. At first Light struck back with the same stuff and fought the dark. Dark and Light played out old duality for a brief moment, a mere flicker in time, and the stance and power of the dark diminished as dark tried different tactics and strategies to regain hold over the realm. Light, in its many facets, having spread out and grown, more or less having established itself quite over the land and in it's people, only laughed in compassion at the struggle and antics of the dark and one day simply decided not to engage in conflict, in the game of polarization in duality.

Dark was deflated and said to Divine Mother; "Unless the New leaves right now, I will depart." In greatest love for all of creation, all aspects and all manifestation, Divine Mother replied; "I shall not move anything out of my realm, out of my queendom, all has a right to be." Darkness then said resolutely; "Well then, I shall leave."

As darkness is retreating bit by bit each day, slightly transformed and going elsewhere, ending its combat with what it doesn't agree with, the realm is again beginning to be restored in Light and infused with bliss. Shadow, fear, threats of lack, complications, attacks and conflict fades away and is no more. Serenity, bliss, love, joy, freedom, stillness, a total flow of abundance shared equally, rest, rejuvenation and free - flowing creativity that expresses the freedom of spirit is restored in the hearts of the people.

Freedom rules!!!