Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Releasing the grief, beautifully.

Last night, all night, with such intensity and beauty so much of the light-workers deep grief was released in huge, big blocks, and the world feels lighter this morning.

As always, from this incredible and massive light that we have received over the summer, what might be left of inner shadows (and unfinished "stuff") would be brought to the surface to be released, of course. The more light that one receives and absorbs the more intense the releasing process, the more massive the stuff that is brought up to the surface to be released (for those where there is some left). As you know, from healing work or living, the more light and love one takes in the more intense the clearing and healing process is that is then set into motion. We are all evolving in this way. It can be intense and it can be beautiful.

I spent hours in the night, last night, feeling intense grief from the light-workers; people I know, people I have known and people I don't know. The suffering of not having the lives we have always wanted and always envisioned. I had to get up and I was physically ill and feeling very sick. I had spent hours in my sleep absorbing all this that was releasing from so many, I had taken it into my body. I've done this since I was very little. Not until I had released it all, which I did quickly, did I feel normal again. I decided to change this way of helping; from absorbing pain to letting the light stream forth even more so that with it people can send their pain back to source themselves. I am choosing to shift my work load, my work habit, from helping directly to just giving light, sort of indirectly helping, and in a way that would make it easier and more uplifting and fun again for me. I have compulsively helped people in need and in pain my whole life, since I was very little, for as long as I can remember. I have not been able to not help if I knew there was something I could have done, even to great distress to my own life, which never bothered me. I even developed this into my life's work and into a business. I have seen over the years that people do not want help with their lives even thought they may yell for help. What I have seen is that people need and want ultimately to live through their experiences and talk about them, people want someone to listen to their complaints, and that's all they want, because it keeps the drama of life going. Real change brings a change in world view and most aren't willing to let go of their old world view. So, from now on, I quietly retreat and let them all do their thing. I can't help but give the light and the love, that is automatic. That is my offering to the world. And I will paint, write, decorate, walk in nature and take pictures from now on. And let the light shine!