Monday, September 3, 2007

Effortless being.

I am sure you
too can feel this immense shift
now occurring on the planet. It is restoring all of us into the Mother's embrace and bringing us all
back into Her Garden. The tremendous shift
in awareness and consciousness
and inner transformation
that has been occurring now for many years seems to be culminating now in such a tremendous shift into total alignment and purest
awareness. The external shift we have expected, waited for and worked for for so long is also taking place right now, in the world and in our individual lives. All of us are in a place where we are just now ready both internally with ourselves and our souls and externally with our lives to be placed into position. We are now taking our posts, we are being led to our places in the world. We are ready to serve as we have been created, trained and programmed to do when the time came. Well, this is now the time. This Now is when we use our training and experience and awakeness to serve in each moment as we are led to do, in small and eventually also in large, in the big picture and in the world.

In my life I have recently been experiencing such a massive internal shift that has been freeing me from all planning, focusing, intending, expectation, thinking, wishing, dreaming
and making decisions (trying to) about the future or even trying
to see what
God's will for me and my life might be. I have been going into trying to plan and make decisions for my goals and my future and then falling back out of it spontaneously each and every time because there is no longer any holding on or planning possible or necessary. It has simply been melted away. Melted. I didn't have to live through any release or working through it or growing through it. Each day I just woke up a little bit more incapable of any sort of effort. I find that all that remains is effortless being, truly just living in the moment and seeing all that is meant to be just come to pass and arise gracefully in complete divine rhythm and order. If it is worth doing it takes place in effortless grace. Everything is totally in the grace and I couldn't make a plan if I tried to. I would forget it and not be able to hold on to it here in the splendor of this desert oasis where I currently dwell.