Monday, September 3, 2007

Light goes here and Dark goes there.

In this our realm of duality Dark used to be very infiltrated into all things and all doings, quite hidden, quite elusive and totally meshed with creation, seductively and sophisticatedly ruling over most all things while Light was weakly fighting an uphill battle, always loosing and dying as it was small and had very few carriers.

As Light have been growing now on the planet these past many years and more and more carriers have arrived to push the shift over to the other side, to light, Dark is fighting more loudly and desperately.

The past few years I have seen the definition more clearly as Dark is slowly separating from Light. I have seen dark more clearly, trying to win over Light in severe battles over everything, mostly control. I have seen Dark in very sophisticated yet direct ways try to kill the power of the Light and its carriers, try to prevent the fulfilling of the Plan of the Universe, try to prevent the Light from growing here.

Just recently, during these past few weeks, I now see Dark and Light separating, clearly - Light going in one direction, forward towards our glorious and blessed future and I see Dark splitting off now and heading in its own direction, a totally different direction to fulfill its function somewhere else.

As it has been said for a long time, at the end of time, good and evil will split apart and go in different directions to fully manifest their separate realities. I see very clearly individuals choosing the path opposite of mine and they are forced simply and easily now to go, to just go, to go away, far away, away from the presence of the Light. I see the ease with which the Light lets go of the Shadow, of the Dark complement. I see it not only within individuals but also between individuals, some go to Light and some go to Dark, choose to remain in the shadow, and this is happening now without too much effort, quite easily, without too much battle, just a tiny little bit. I am glad we are finally here.

In the decades before the turn of the millennium Light was continuously growing in power and amount by that more and more carriers were arriving on the planet and the 11:11 portal opened and light began to pour in onto our planet and into our dimension.

In the last year of the old millennium in my own life I, as Light, had to split away explosively from Dark. Regaining new balance in my own self was a fight and arriving in total balance with this strong Light was the reason and purpose. Maybe it is already predestined which direction one will now choose.

As we shifted into this new millennium Light began weighing heavier than Dark and just growing more powerful and expanding as Dark has been diminishing in comparison. The scale tipped. And now finally we are splitting away from one another. Very soon Light will establish for us all the divine experience of a perfect and amazing life. Hold on, we have arrived and they are going, going, gone.

As love is growing in some of us hatred seems to be growing in others. If one has been brought down one path, in the direction one is supposed to go, can one skip over into the other path if one suddenly chooses? Or if one chooses one direction will one have to continue down that road? At this our crossroads now one path leads to a life of ease, effortlessness, light and one full of grace, as an other path leads towards shadow, continued fight, struggle and hardship. I believe this is the junction and the choice is very serious and important and I believe we all have been prepared to go down the road we are supposed to. I have been forcefully prepared for over 16 years (or lifetimes). Thank God.