Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rejuvenating deeply.

What can I say, it is fantastic here, deeply rejuvenating!!! Something I need so deeply after having worked H-A-R-D for these past three years and having lived in LA for 9 years. (I always knew that there is a big, glorious world out there, outside of LA, that I needed to be in rather than LA, even though LA was good for me spiritually.) I feel as if something is being restored to me, something I used to have years ago when I lived in Europe, and perhaps still had when I was living on Hawaii, but that was pushed way down when I came to LA because there was no place for it during that part of the journey. Well, this "thing" is slowly coming back to me, maybe it's a passion to live, excitement, light, spirit or a lighter, more playful side to my healing energy, a lightness of being, or maybe all of it put together and then some, I can't really tell. But I feel lighter, more energized and certainly so much happier.

Being in Sedona feels really right. Everything goes really well, the flow is perfect and all happens in a pleasing way. People are very kind, smiling, friendly and full of light, graciousness and generosity. I am so excited to continue my stay here and see what else may come into the picture. I feel very right here. I am enjoying the nature and the town and surroundings tremendously. How can I be so lucky?!!