Sunday, June 24, 2007

Food for my soul.

When I lived in Santa Barbara a couple of years ago I realized that I had never fed my soul, never had felt that my soul had ever been nurtured, ever. It was an entirely new concept for me to think of. I began to wonder what exactly would feed my soul, how I could nurture my soul and feed myself soul nurturing, which I realized was critical in enjoying life, which is the only thing your supposed to do, enjoy life. So now, I fill my soul with the enjoyment of nature and animals which I realized was the two top things that I felt filled me.

I sit in a lawn chair on the drive way early in the morning and watch the sun come up over the mountains with the dog sitting in zen position, slightly meditating to my left and my cat laying in the flower bed to my right and both of them together with me watching the day arrive.

I walk along the country road almost at dusk when it is cool enough here in the Arizona summer and smell the pine trees, watch the tiny bats fly over my head and see how the air turns pink as the sun goes down.

I sit in the garden at night under the stars and hear my cat tell me all her stories, showing me that the inter-dimensional space between matter here in Sedona is wider and more open than the crowded spaces in between matter in Covina where the night is so full and magical and where the trees and bushes sing.

I feed the dog and the three cats in the evening and watch how they go about each other calmly and how the cats help each other get enough to eat. I watch their dialog and receive the deep affection of all animals especially after they are fed and can relax and socialize. I hang out with them a little bit each evening in this balmy weather.

I enjoy warmth like you can't even imagine having grown up in the very, very north with ice, dark and snow most of the year, aching for the sun and flowers. Oh, yeah, flowers, do I ever enjoy flowers, flowers in flower beds and flowers in nature. When I need a break what I love to do is to go outside and just sit in the garden and hear the wind through the tree tops and calmly write some poetry about it.

I do enjoy beautiful surroundings, they're even necessary for my well-being and coping with life. I love little stone cottages in the country set on a hill side, over grown with flowers and with views over a valley with lots of trees. I also love huge, old castles that set the imagination on fire of how people might have lived in the way past; how they lived and loved and what thy might have experienced or endured. Our times must be so much easier then the way past. I guess a good life comes and goes.

It fills me up to decorate space, space design. Creating atmospheres, comfort and different feelings through filling a space with beautiful and comfortable things and places to lounge and relax. Love that, and having friends over that will lounge in the space I am creating.

I enjoy walking through art galleries and explore how creativity speaks through other people into manifest beauty for all to enjoy. Art of course is the language of the soul and so allowing my soul to express through art; poetry, photography, painting, dance and gently communicating philosophically with friends. These are things that feed my soul.