Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This is Sheeba.

This one is a great nature lover. She doesn't like to play, she doesn't care for toys, she doesn't ever kill any birds or mice, she doesn't scratch the furniture, she never has hair balls and she never throws up.

She loves only nature, sitting in the bushes or under the trees. She adores it when I water the garden, dig in the dirt, plant things or tend to potted plants.

She is a great healer and has taken great pain and grief from me in a moment. She is very shamanic in all her ways. She is a great protecter and a great fighter and tends very well to her wounds. She is a master walker and moves well in the shadow lands.

She takes me for walks after dark. She shows me the plant world. I love flowers and she relates to them. She has opened me to the plants and has showed me how to hear them. Now we go out at night and listen to the music of each plant and the orchestra that they make together.

Her name was Midnight but she has changed her name to Sheeba. She also comes if I call babygirl, Sheebagirl, Shmushy or Mushymushmush.