Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Crown chakra explosion.

So I have gained some insight into this event from a few places and people. I still feel great!! And it seems like it's going to stay like this.

Last night I was watching Miami Ink (great fan) and there was a customer to the tattoo shop who was into yoga. She wanted a tattoo of a thousand petal lotus, all the way open, and she said that when the kundalini hits the crown chakra "You'll take it all in". Well, that's how I heard it and I really got it. That's what it is!! My brother the yogi was right, I just couldn't get it at first because it feels like a light descending from above. Then later in the evening I spoke to a woman with great intuition who sensed that the nausea and dizziness I had experienced the first few days had been a cleansing, a last cleansing of all that was left, psychological stuff mostly, the Light finishing it. That also made a lot of sense to me (even though I don't think in any way that I am finished, without stuff. Maybe, we'll see, time will tell. We'll see how it goes with my buttons being pushed, if there are any left. I'll let you know later.)

The experience is strongest in the evenings. Last night during dinner and during my walk with my cat my head spontaneously would fall back as I exclaimed "Oh, my God!" each time. It was like a force that did it to me, over and over about 40 times. It felt like it was another way of allowing the Light to establish itself. My cat was more attentive towards me than ever before and it was even a little bit strange watching her. Then when I returned to the house the two dogs were also all over me.

I'm telling you, it feels like a Light coming from above and descending upon and into me but now I understand that it really, truly is the kundalini that has entered the crown chakra and has activated there the inherent divine Light and it is manifesting throughout my being, everywhere, raining down upon everything. I feel this Light continue to saturate me and become a apart of me and my everyday life. It is becoming permanent. Now I know what it means to be LIT UP. I feel glowy.

I am feeling more stable in this now but am still surprised each morning when I wake up that it is still there. I feel amazing and have a lot more energy all of a sudden. I can breathe easier, much, much easier. My breathing is much lighter as if my lungs are really open. I feel like I am slightly and perfectly stoned. I am enjoying everything. I am totally filled with such extreme well - being. I feel a new and deeper love.

I feel like all my previous experiences are coming together now in this Light. I really and absolutely know that I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing and what happens around me is what is supposed to be happening around me. I know this now absolutely, not just as a concept but as a complete experience. It frees me from... yeah, a lot. I feel absolutely OK with whatever is, on a level I never thought was possible. I am feeling All Is Well on a totally different level. I am living ALL IS WELL completely and totally. It is absolute euphoria. The well - being is complete.


I even thought at first that this could have something to do with my new supplements, that I had happen to come upon a supplement that made one feel touched by God. I stopped taking them for a few days just to see if it was the supplement, but it wasn't. Turns out I don't need them now either, 'Cuz I feel great!!! :)