Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Oneness and Supreme Perfection.

I wish I could truly share what is going on with me, this Light, this tremendous Love. The bliss is tremendous.

There's so much Love that is trying to ... is passing through my body that it felt just a moment ago like my body was about to be ripped apart. I am glad that I have gone through so many energetic experiences along the way that have raised my vibration (as they say) and prepared me for this, otherwise my body would truly be breaking into million little pieces now and those pieces would fry as they flew around the Universe. And I would go poof.

Yes, I know, I've already gone poof a long time ago, my being, my spirit, my soul, my personality. How can a person who is no longer really there, where the boundaries of their energetic being have long since dissolved, take in further Light? 'Cuz you know it's still pouring in, continuously saturating the me and the place where I stand. Maybe it's physical.

As I feel it entering the solar plexus chakra now I am feeling slightly, just a tiny bit nauseous again. All I can do is be, relax and stay really open. I am so glad that all my chakras are already so open and have been cleared out so thoroughly over the years. Thank God for that!! How would I otherwise do with this, eh?

I don't see any problems any more. All I see is perfect. I feel like grinning all the time. My people here I'm sure think I'm an idiot. If I hold back on this process I get really filled with obsessive concern and as soon as I let it go and let it flow it all seems alright again, in fact better than alright, just absolutely perfect. I wish people could share in this. This is where everybody should be. I can't wait to give it away. I just want to share it, I just want to give it away.

All I can feel and see now is perfect Perfection. A feeling of absolutism, wholeness. It goes way beyond Oneness, any oneness experience I have ever had in the past. I know I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing and things are the way they are supposed to be. Yeah, I knew that before but now it is absolute. Everything feels and looks and is PERFECT. Everything is Rich and Full and Whole and Perfect and Full and Rich and Perfect ... And Whole. And Perfect. And Rich. And Perfect. And Full. And Whole.

I know this is the beginning of something extraordinary, not the end of anything, not the finish line. There are always more experiences that shift to higher and more expanded awareness and into more light and love. There's no end, just a continuum, the beginning of an extraordinary journey.