Monday, April 2, 2007

New paradigm joy.

The new paradigm is now breaking away finally from the old paradigm. The new paradigm being a reality based in love, compassion, freedom, sharing, support, community, bliss, creativity and global oneness and the old paradigm being rooted in fear, constriction, competition, limitation, lack and confusion.

The two reality systems have co-existed parallel to one another for some time now and at the turn of the millennium the new paradigm started to weigh heavier than the old paradigm and began to have influence over the old.

Light is shining upon the old structures more and more intensely and they are breaking down and falling away, slowly. Individuals can experience this within themselves, a breaking down of old patterns and beliefs, a surfacing of old pains as they die away and a dawning of new clarity, a new sense of spirituality, feelings of freedom, blossoming creativity and blessings of abundance beginning to build and overflow.

The old and painful experiences are finally beginning to break away both within individuals and within society across the borders. Freedom in every area of all of our lives will soon begin to show. This is the Armageddon, the polar shift; dropping awareness from mind (through the spirit) into the heart; the day we stop hating the world and begin to love ourselves, the day we stop hating ourselves and begin to love the world.

It is the continuing of the blossoming of the Great Heart of the Divine Mother,
inside and beyond.