Monday, April 2, 2007

Light, Light and more Light.

I am right now having some sort of down load of Light, like a descension of Light upon and into my being.

I woke up one morning feeling as if I was burned out, exhausted. I felt as if my skin was burning and my tissue was burning. I was feeling fried. Then I had several days where I felt quite nauseous and somewhat dizzy.

It was after that that I became aware of the Light descending. It is entering the crown chakra and gently descending down the chakras and filling both body, being and energy fields. It is completely saturating the tissue, the cells and the molecules of my body and being.

The other night when I was being taken for my nightly walk by my cat, as I was sitting under a tree in a huge garden bed of roses, I suddenly found myself spontaneously swaying back and forth in a wave, like a caterpillar. This spontaneous movement of my body helped move the Light downward and deeper in, integrating it into the cells more deeply. I am aware of it surrounding me several feet out into the aura.

During that night and the following morning I felt an intense euphoria to the point of discomfort. I feel clearer, stronger, more deeply centered, more decisive, more empty / thought-less, glowing and I feel a more intense divine love filling me than ever before. (And as you know from love comes compassion, patience, forgiveness and understanding and I certainly need a deepening of that. )

The discomfort continues and I try to allow myself to open and open further. That's the only thing that helps. I feel as if I am being pulled apart from the inside and it is very intense. These experiences with Light, love and shakti keep on happening and just keep on happening. I guess there is no end to it.