Monday, April 2, 2007

God in every fiber.

Greetings again. This tremendous down loading of Light keeps going on each and every day. It started several days ago. I moved these past few entires from my old blog so they all have the same date here but it all started a little over a week ago, nine days to be precise.

Last night, because of this, I was very disturbed by the television, couldn't watch TV and had to turn it off. Light was pouring in. When I went to bed I couldn't sleep because of this overwhelming, tremendous, powerful energy I am feeling. I was feeling like I was caressed gently all night by a lover. It was not erotic, sexual or arousing but sensual, a feeling of being totally connected with the One. My body was bending and twisting and turning for a moment. Movement seems to allow for the Light to move deeper into whatever it is moving into. It is all the time amazing. I feel like a million watt light bulb. It is lighter and easier for me to handle now even tough it goes on each and every day all day long.

If anyone has had this experience and knows what it is, please feel free to let me know. I have asked a friend who is really well studied in yoga and he didn't know. I have asked a spiritual teacher who couldn't give me an answer either. I am really confounded but amused.