Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Union between divine and divine.

Unusual day, glorious day, splendid day !!!

Today Divine Mother absorbed God back into Herself, back into Her being totally and fully. The "two" merged into One (again - long time since). Extraordinary Light was birthed, more light onto the planet still from this and it could be felt clearly (each day from more and more of this kind of stuff).

The imbalance between feminine and masculine will now cease. Really, it will, all over the planet (even in the middle east - even though it will take some time to unfold there). The conflict between men and women (or between a masculine man and a feminine man or a masculine woman and feminine woman) will really change to something so much more balanced, beautiful and harmonious from now on.

Believe me or not, just look from now on how things play themselves out in your lives and in the world. It will be balance and comfort, love rising and finally great bliss between those who have struggled. Those who are to be will be. Those who are not to be will be drawn to those they are meant to be with.