Monday, October 15, 2007

Chakra union.

I have a new chakra, a chakra that is being created continously by all my other chakras, a unity field chakra. My chakras are clear (more or less) and have expanded in clarity and are creating a new big chakra around my whole body. My chakras seem to be holding this great new oneness chakra in place, generating it, around my whole body. It is white. My body is inside of this new chakra and all the other chakras still exist within this big One chakra and are creating it consistently.

The radiance from the clarity of and the balance between the chakras seem to be creating a balanced life experience on all levels. Harmony and grace unfold as all experiences continue to unfold as they should. My eyes and what used to be mind observe harmoniously, quietly.

The unity chakra creates perfection and keep in place all that which is meant to be, in perfect perfection and absolute balance. A continuously perfect creation of and manifestation of the One destiny.