Friday, September 7, 2007

World bliss.

A mighty day and a mighty strange day. The two sides of the polarity in our duality are unplugging from one another all day today, part by part, particle by particle and I am sure this will continue for at least a few days if not for a while. And we are hanging here in limbo, hanging in the air just above ground (having to lay down or sleeping) in this waiting phase beginning the new bliss-infused Earth life. The intense bliss potential is infused all throughout the dimensional threads here. It is an incredible and intense day, like a day in between, like a twilight zone, like a day out of time, at least here in the desert of central Arizona, but I am sure also all over the place, not just here. It is strange here anyway but now it is extra strange.

Somehow we are separating from struggle and strife, from effort, planning, willing and trying. We are beginning the life experience of ease and grace, of having and of intense bliss energies. If one is aligned, if one has done the necessary raising of ones frequencies, which the past decade was all about, if one has done the necessary inner transformational work, willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, one is moving along easily now into the future of intense bliss, grace and ease.

It is a process, of course, but this one is happening very fast, very rapidly, this step, this stage and there will be many more in the next several years. It is taking place this fall and I see things beginning to reveal themselves in mid-October of the new and different life unfolding, even though the process continues - shift, reveal, shift, reveal - throughout the rest of the year.

We have to go through this portal now before anything new will begin in our lives, but then they certainly will, but in an entirely new and different way from ever before in our lives. It will be so different and so interesting. Relax (become limp as a rag-doll) and go with the flow.