Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Love remains.

Tremendous changes have taken place (and will still take place some more). Massive galactic, energetic alignments, stellar, planetary and dimensional, have occurred and physical reality will express itself very differently very shortly.

I felt different this morning, as if life was now different, better, grounded and back to normal. I could sure use some normal. I love normal and want a whole lot of it, normal - yeay!!!!!!

I can tell that that which will be able to stick around on the planet now is only that which expresses truth, which comes from perfect alignment with the All and All. Only the real and honest can stick around, the rest will have to go, remove itself, melt away, but first it will be thoroughly revealed even though it tries to hide itself still. The Light shines on almost everything now. The future we are looking at now is one that is so aligned with truth, Truth, that soon nothing else can coexist along side with it. I am watching people transform with this, resist, fight, then melt, then resist some more, then try to fight obscurely, try to hide, yet always visible by those who are aware, then move away reluctantly or with great upheaval. That which remains is honest, graceful, generous, kind, balanced, harmonious, funny, relaxed, in the grace and in the great Love. Prosperity and well-fare for all will soon begin to spread out everywhere from everywhere to everywhere in every way. Blessings to you all.