Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The land releasing.

I feel total love and bliss as usual every day evenly. Two days ago, Sunday, my beloved friend here on the land (her land) said she heard; "the birds are falling out of the sky" and "the day the Earth stood still". The energy had been heavy for a couple of days. Even before breakfast the birds were gathering outside my window and sounding loudly in a very unusual way, over and over. I had to go outside and walk around on the property to see what was going on. Birds had been sounding an alarm also at the windows of our landlord/lady's. They were warning about something, something was frightening them, something coming very soon. They were concerned and afraid and wanted to warn us and said we must do something. Well, we don't know what to do, didn't know what exactly was happening. So there was no doing, just the listening.

Later in the morning during my easy and light meditation or easy contemplation sitting around session on the court yard terrace, in the midst of my inner serenity, I could feel fear coming from the land, gently. The land was afraid. The land, the Earth, was gently releasing the energy of fear. Was this actual fear that the land, the Earth, had been having or was having? Of course, as all things are now receiving this massive, tremendous inpouring of light, I assume also the Earth itself would be releasing old and denser energies no longer needed. How beautiful!!! The vibration was subtle but steady. The land, the Earth, is releasing denser vibrations as well as all of us to also begin to harmonize with the higher bliss of that which is coming.