Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stop the focus. Stop the goal.


ONENESS - actual and factual.
Merger with the Absolute, absorption into the All and All,
melting into the One, God - Union, samadhi.

God - Union is literal, not conceptual.

God - Union is
when ones energy grids, ones energy make - up,
ones aura's substance, meridians and patterns,
ones individualized unit of consciousness collapse
and completely dissolve and melt into the Universal grid.
The Universal grid is now you.
The essence that moves through the Universal grid
becomes your Consciousness.


Everybody is imprinted with stories, some very much and very deeply and some lightly, and most relate to the story as life.

One day, in tangent with and as a result of God - Union, ones stories will be wiped away totally, literally and completely. When there is no longer any stories or imprints running, rather only the whole of cosmos, the totality of consciousness through ones being and field of awareness, the mind will bend . . . and lose control, loose its structure, function and blue print, until it ceases to be. It melts and dissolves, and Awareness remains. The story of creation just flows through it all with all of its options and crossroads. Clarity remains, ease, peace, emptiness . . . filled with the story and movement of creation, the Greater Whole.

What may follow is a period, sometimes long, perhaps many years, of thought confusion since there is a habit of running certain thought forms and beliefs, and create happenings from wishes and whims; personal stories.

A thinking process is still possible and from habit one may still form stories; thinking patterns, questions, considering, concerns about creation, control, wishes, wants, desires and so on. It can take an amazing amount of time before this habit is relaxed, this function of recreating patterns of personal story.

It can take a very long time before the reverberation, the reflections, the remaining residues of this previous hologram eventually dissolve and slowly melts away. And it can feel worse than it ever did before, because of trying to hold on to the familiar and the understood when it’s all just being pulled away. The letting go of the mind functions and the understood in the world view can be the most difficult and excruciating. All this is a process in the energetic transformation that the kundalini brings, a metaphysical transformation.

The compulsive recreating of that which is known and understood one day ceases, and the filling of the thought field ceases and awareness becomes clear and undisturbed and forever. Awareness that is One with Universal Consciousness. But that doesn't mean one knows everything or perceives everything all at once. It means a stillness, limitless expansiveness, emptiness, non - activity. Freedom from doing, desire, controlling, intending, wishing, working hard for a goal, goals, considering, thinking, wondering. Once it is done, it is a big shift. It becomes a perfect placing with What Is in the Here and Now. Then no more personal agitation. One full orb of Nothing.

The energy that comes from within me, through my body, goes out into the world and brings back to me that which is for me. The energy of Truth brings that which is true and right for my life's story line, my journey through life . . . path and destiny unfolding. (Yes, I know, there are those who experience that they "create their own reality". There is a time for each experience.) Not from will or focus or thinking or figuring, but from the vibration of Absolute Reality, through the form into the world. That which is to be will come. I don't have to make a decision or a plan, I don't have to decide, I don't have to know . . . It will come that which is to be, effortlessly.