Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Intense guidance.

I am absolutely overpowered by the energies of this new year, 2009!!! I am feeling such an intense rush of extremely high energies, and I know it's about the new year, but why and what's going to come of it, I do not know, no clue, so I am mystified.

All seems good though and I try all I can to just go with it. This energy has forced me to follow guidance to get out there and network on the web, for some reason. Everything is always one more step, the next step in this crazy journey of mine.

I am feeling intensely burnt out and at the same time I am hurried all day long to keep up with all the web connections I am making. It is a strange experience.

My guidance is very present and they are on it all day long; "do this, do that, now do this and now do that ..." So I keep up and try to listen.
For several months last year, all I had to do was to lay low and be still. Now there is such activity, in a way. I am curious about the step following this one. Where am I being brought? What's really happening here?

All the while I am feeling so much extreme L-i-g-h-t and so much intense L-o-v-e, it is fantastic, incredible . . .