Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coyote warning.

At dusk, yesterday, after a soak in the hot tub and wrapped in a robe, I was sitting by myself in stillness and quietude on the step to the back door, just gazing at the clouds and the shifting hues of the evening air . . . beautiful coyote walks calmly across my back yard about twenty feet in front of me. She looks at me several times, trying to look at me and look at her path in front of her at the same time, she looked back at me many times. Huh. I really love it when wild life comes really close.

I remember being told, when I lived in L.A. in the Hollywood Hills (also coyote country), that if a coyote looks you in the eye it is a forewarning that you will soon meet a trickster.

I did meet coyote twice in L.A. Once, after dark sitting on the steps to my front porch in Beachwood Canyon, a huge coyote trots up the street and as he passes by he gazes intensely at me with his black eyes. Soon after that I ended up in a long stretched out tangle with a nasty, evil one in human form, battling for my life. I came out brutally scarred and barely alive. A few years later, during a dinner date at the Inn of the Seventh Ray restaurant in Topanga Canyon, from the table on the outdoor terrace I see a small coyote across the gorge, looking straight at me. I faced an entangled, messy relationship that I couldn't get out of fast enough. I did save myself from that one quick enough. Both times I met someone that was trying hard to control my life force and eat me alive, consume all my life force, energy and power until there would have been nothing left of me. Coyote blesses me and protects me.

Now let's see what is coming and how I will be able to handle it, eh? Trickster will attack soon, I know.