Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Letter to Satprem.

Hi Chris,

Yeah, I actually have a moment of peace and alone time here just now myself. It's nice to hear from you and all that you are doing or thinking of doing. Sounds good the idea of getting out of there. I guess you can go anywhere and be better off. Seems to me that a lot of money isn't the solution but to be surrounded by your own kind in a happy atmosphere would be. I hope you direct your life into a very supportive, loving and embracing environment. It's time to be with our own kind; that is food for the soul, and necessary.

I am still in the Sedona area and I don't want to leave. I am constantly meeting wonderful people and am feeling so embraced and seen and understood by the people that surround me right now. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. D. still wants to go to Maine and we might at some point but he too is meeting very important contacts here for some reason. We have moved from the place where we were pet sitting for two months and we didn't really want to leave but the people were coming back from their trip to Europe. We were all hoping they would decide to stay in Europe for a few months longer, or the rest of the year or longer. It was a good house that really supported us with everything that we needed and wanted.

We went and rented a vacation home for three nights but it really just wasn't right and we had been invited to come and stay at a friend's guest cottage but I had wanted to be independent but after three days in a fancy house without air conditioning and with scorpions crawling around (the dangerous kind) we decided to go to the one bedroom guest house. My intuition had urged me to go there and that all would be so great. And it has been. We have been here now for 12 days and I could stay for a very long time.

This place is on 7 acres in a hidden valley in Cornville, between Sedona and Cottonwood. It is in the middle of nowhere and hidden behind strange energy desert where people live in large trailers spread out over fields of nothin'. We are right on the creek and next to it there is a spring of sacred healing water that bubbles up through the sand and fill a pond where you can swim or just float around. And I am not kidding you, the water is massively healing (even though I used to not believe in such things). The whole property and area is very lush and green and the air is moist and there are trees and bamboo that surround the pond and we go down there every day and just let go.

The place is owned by Linda and George and Linda is a very sacred and loving woman of 67 years and George is an outgoing, worldly man of 50. Linda and I spend a lot of time together and D. works a whole lot and George is rarely seen. People come here every once in a while to sit in the water or to see Linda and I find myself doing spontaneous readings and healing counselings. I learned today that I just want to give it freely and let life take care of me. I feel that giving should be done by itself and receiving should be done by itself and giving should not be connected to any sort of receiving and the other way around. Sometimes you give and sometimes you receive and it flows gracefully through life.

There is a woman who lives on the property in a big house that used to be the barn but was remodeled and is now a big art studio and rooms and an apartment on the second floor. She is on a shaman path and is very unique and a fantastic painter. Her agent sells her stuff in a gallery in Sedona and also in a gallery in Glastonbury in England. She is rarely here but is an interesting facet of the scenery.

I am truly blessed to be here. The place is swarming with hummingbirds and huge egrets are standing down by the bridge that cross the creek at sundown fishing like kings. People of heart and love come and go every other day or so and everything flows so gracefully. I am in want of nothing. I know that when I was in such misery recently in LA, I was burning whatever karma I had with that kind of experience and it has paid off. I am in a totally new experience that I couldn't have created myself. The land here by the healing water pond is very powerfully healing and just being here has totally changed D, has brought up some things for me to look at (all of a sudden I really mourned the crowd I belonged to in my earliest 20's, and mourning my grandparents farm, the only place where I felt and was safe when very little; having always left and moved on throughout my whole life). I can't tell you how perfect and well everything seems right now. I am so at peace and I am so full.

What else . . . I make no plans and I think not of the future. People here have been going through some massive openings into the divine and into the sacred and remembering who they were when they were walking with Christ and so much more that I can't go into; massive life transformations, initiations into new chapters of our lives and powerful rebirths. Not just people on the land but also in Sedona and I'm sure all over the place.

Please go to a place that holds you in this way.